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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pardon Me, My Snark is Showing


So I'm watching Project: Runway at my friend's house (we're P:R buddies) and it's the challenge where they are making Heidi a dress for the red carpet (Emmys).

So Heidi came around with Tim to look at the looks and I made a couple of comments that my friend really liked. One comment I made was about the hanger dress that Heidi wears in this season's ad for P:R -- I said I liked the top but then it goes down and you can see though it totally. I thought it looked like "Escher meets DuChamp".

One of the designers (was it Corinna?) created a green dress that was a nice enough dress, but just not for the red carpet. Someone (was it on the show or was it my friend?) said it was a nice dress and I said, "for Tea with Mussolini!"

Amanda, who is the designer who viewers (though not I) voted to bring back, created a dress with a beaded front, on the bodice and down the front and I saw it and my reaction to it was, "It looks like Cleopatra's nightgown" -- the Judges, apparantly, disagreed. They put it in the top three. Nu, nu, so I disagree with the judges! So what else is new?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Project: Runway, Fashion Star and Me


Last night was the 2 hour finale of Project: Runway Teams (Season 11). I started watching Project Runway the second episode of Season 5. Ever since, I've been hooked. It got me thinking about designing again, as I wrote about on Squidoo (Squidoo is being discontinued, so I migrated this over here on this blog). While I haven't done anything in a few months, I do still intend to continue. I have dozens of designs on paper, some more on my computer and a few more in my head.
Fashion Star, while not as exciting as Project: Runway, is entertaining in its own right. The designs (and designers) on Fashion Star are way more geared to commercial endeavors, and many are produced by the stores who bid for them. Update: Fashion Star was cancelled after two seasons. I think it's a shame. I really liked it.