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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pardon Me, My Snark is Showing


So I'm watching Project: Runway at my friend's house (we're P:R buddies) and it's the challenge where they are making Heidi a dress for the red carpet (Emmys).

So Heidi came around with Tim to look at the looks and I made a couple of comments that my friend really liked. One comment I made was about the hanger dress that Heidi wears in this season's ad for P:R -- I said I liked the top but then it goes down and you can see though it totally. I thought it looked like "Escher meets DuChamp".

One of the designers (was it Corinna?) created a green dress that was a nice enough dress, but just not for the red carpet. Someone (was it on the show or was it my friend?) said it was a nice dress and I said, "for Tea with Mussolini!"

Amanda, who is the designer who viewers (though not I) voted to bring back, created a dress with a beaded front, on the bodice and down the front and I saw it and my reaction to it was, "It looks like Cleopatra's nightgown" -- the Judges, apparantly, disagreed. They put it in the top three. Nu, nu, so I disagree with the judges! So what else is new?

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